ULedger for GDPR Compliance

For many companies, both domestic and international, GDPR compliance means significant changes in how they use and protect the information collected from customers and website visitors.  One of the largest and smartest endeavors many companies are making to protect themselves is building an audit trail of their GDPR compliance procedures. These audit trails include data such as timestamped creation, modification, and deletion records for each user interacting with their website, detailing the exact steps the company is taking to stay GDPR compliant, on a per-user basis.

Blockchain provides a uniquely powerful solution for logging compliance records because it is entirely immutable – meaning, once a compliance action (such as data deletion) is logged, it cannot be changed or removed, even by the company themselves. Furthermore, because only hashed user IDs are used to reference user records, no customer information is ever placed on the blockchain.

When a customer unsubscribes or a remove request is received, companies need to act quickly and thoroughly to ensure they comply with GDPR. Because other forms of digital record keeping are known to be fallible, many believe that 3rd-party blockchain technology is the only way to provide real proof of this compliance to internal stakeholders and government entities.

The Solution:

ULedger’s Blockchain GDPR Compliance tools are uniquely suited to track GDPR compliance data for many reasons. The ULedger open API can be layered on top of existing data infrastructures, which means that organizations don’t have to change anything about their IT environment to use it, and the data always remains private. Moreover, it’s completely scalable, handling any file type and any file size, at transaction speeds significantly higher than other solutions.

Unlike any other blockchain tools, ULedger uses a process called cross-merkelization to ensure independent and secure timestamping, maintaining a relative order of events that is crucial to the auditing process. What’s more, ULedger includes robust querying and reporting capabilities for easy compliance audits and mathematical proof.

The ability to produce a complete and immutable record of the chain of activity relating to the management of sensitive customer data is a critical, yet often overlooked, component of our post-GDPR world.

ULedger’s Blockchain GDPR Compliance tools allow you to create and maintain a complete, immutable history of an organization’s compliance events virtually overnight, and without changing your existing infrastructure.

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Data Integrity by ULedger


Personal Data Processing
Maintain control and transparency with a complete history of all transactions relating to personal data
Right to be Forgotten
Prove through an immutable history log that data erasure requests have been satisfied
Track consent responsibilities with an immutable history log
Data Portability
Prove data transmissions requests occurred by request
Breach Notification
ULedger data log tampering notifications provide detections as to when data logs have been compromised
Privacy by Design
Prove that data processing was only for intended business purposes and that access was appropriate
Access Rights
Transparency into the collection, processing, and transmission of personal data coupled with the ability to prove through an immutable history log
Data Protection
Keeps the data protection responsibilities with the Data Protection Officer (DPO). Provides tools to protect personal data from misuse, unauthorized access and other security breaches