ULedger Solutions

Companies are using blockchain to prove the integrity of their data over time, which is invaluable in the event of an audit, legal challenge, or regulatory inquiry.  With ULedger, enterprises are upgrading their IT infrastructure to Blockchain simply and seamlessly, preventing data vulnerabilities and lowering the cost of compliance.

Unlike other blockchain solutions, ULedger never requires access to your data, doesn’t change your existing infrastructure, and can handle any file size and any file type, making it flexible across applications.

Thanks to ULedger’s mathematically-certified data, companies now have a tamper-proof distributed ledger that creates an impenetrable audit trail across use cases.

Data Integrity

Add ULedger to your existing infrastructure to create a tamper-proof history of data that’s mathematically certified.

ULedger Data Integrity


Use ULedger as an external logging system for reliable forensic analysis and access tracking.

ULedger Logging


Email is one of the most vulnerable data types. Secure your communications with ULedger blockchain technology.

ULedger Email


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