Investment Opportunities

Investment Offering Summary

ULedger is raising up to $30,000,000 from investors in two stages to fund the company.

First stage: Utilizing REG-D 506(c),  this stage provides accredited investors a private round  where they can invest in one of two ways:

1. Equity.  ULedger is offering 15% of the company in the form of common equity for a total equity investment of $10,000,000. This provides investors with actual ownership in the company.  

2. Security Tokens.  Up to 40,000,000 ULDS tokens, offered at $0.50 per token, will be sold to accredited investors.  An additional 8,000,000 ULDS tokens (20%) will be allocated to these investors as a bonus. ULDS tokens will be security tokens and are expected to become regulated. This provides investors a secure and confident stage to invest in the company, due to the extra regulatory compliance requirements.

Additionally, ULedger is allocating 10% of its revenue to holders of the ULDS tokens. Payments are in the form of ETH and will take place quarterly. This provides investors with an extra source of income from their investment and an opportunity to reach their ROIs, as well as a benefiting reason to consider ULedger as a long term investment.

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2nd Stage: Once the company concludes its private round later this year, and in order to secure the required funds, as well as provide investors a tradable security token, the public will have the opportunity to invest through a REG A+ offering, a regulated and audited financial funding stage open to accredited and non-accredited investors. An online application to the funding “White List” has launched, providing interested investors an opportunity to secure their place.



ULedger will issue security tokens (ULDS) at the time of the public sale, which will take place upon the completion of a Reg A+ registration, after the conclusion of the company’s private round (506c).  ULDS tokens are embedded with a Token Revenue Share mechanism (see related section herein), as well as providing investors with a security to trade on regulated exchange(s) when available. The Company expects to issue an approximate amount of 90,000,000 tokens, with the final count to be announced before the public sale.


The ULDS token that ULedger will be issuing to investors will be registered as a security token with the SEC and include a “Revenue Sharing” element.  Under terms of the Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”), the Company has agreed to share 10% of its revenues with investors who hold the ULDS token. Following the public sale, the Company will announce its revenue, and 10% will be allocated to holders of ULDS tokens on a quarterly basis. Holders will be paid with ETH, with the amounts allocated to their ERC-20 wallets, based on the amount of ULDS tokens they hold at the time of the quarterly revenue payment.


ULedger is offering 15% of the Company’s equity for $10,000,000.  The equity is being offered exclusively to its private funding round investors, and to accredited investors only.


A Reg A+ public token sale will follow the Reg-D offering.


Prior to the Company accepting an investment, prospective investors will be required to verify their accredited investor status through a 3rd party (Verify Investor). The Company will also conduct the know your client (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks.

For any further questions, concerns or any investor inquiries, please email us at investor@uledger.co

The information set forth in this Investment Offering Summary is being provided to you solely for discussion purposes.  This Investment Offering Summary does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Any offering will only be made pursuant to the relevant information within a Private Placement Memorandum and subscription documents, all of which must be read in their entirety. No offer to make an investment will be made prior to receipt by a potential investor of these documents and the completion of all the appropriate documents. No information contained in this Investment Offering Summary, or any oral or written communication with an interested party should be relied upon as a representation or warranty as to any matter from any person, and no liability shall attach to any person or entity as a result of such information. Nothing in this Investment Offering Summary constitutes advice relating to legal, taxation or investment matters and interested parties are advised to consult their own professional advisors in connection with making an investment decision. Before investing in ULedger, investors should be aware that the occurrence of the risks, uncertainties and events described in the “Risk Factors” section of the Private Placement Memorandum, to which investors will receive access subsequent to the execution by each such investor.