ULedger for Email

Email is ubiquitous.  The primary method of communication of any organization, internal or external.  Insecure and easily hacked, email was invented so that lab researchers could send simple text messages to each other, but has become the foundation method of communication for governments and enterprises large and small.

As such, records of email communications are important.  Whether you are researching internal communications or responding to discovery motions, the ability to produce and defend complete email communications is critical.  But since email is so insecure, easily changed, and dependent on the handling procedures of individuals, it is often unreliable.

The Solution:

ULedger Email allows you to create and maintain a complete, immutable history of your organization’s email communications.  In addition to maintaining a secure copy of your organization’s email history, a blockchain-based audit trail ensures a complete and accurate record of email traffic over time.

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