ULedger Data Integrity

Data is one of a company’s most valuable assets.  Today’s data infrastructures revolve around the management of large volumes of data, and changes to data, whether intentional, accidental, or malicious, occur frequently.  However, unless that data has “integrity”, i.e. its content and history over time is provable, it is not reliable.

What’s more, businesses spend millions on reactive compliance issues and audits of their data each year. Legal and other problems that arise from questionable data can have a domino effect on any enterprise, wasting time and money.

To stop these problems companies must implement a blockchain solution on top of their existing infrastructure, making their data secure and trustworthy regardless of file type or size.

The Solution:

ULedger Data Integrity provides a permanent and tamper-proof record of any type of data, including medical files, images, transactions, and email.  It seamlessly integrates with existing data platforms, creating an impenetrable audit trail, and never requires access to your underlying data.

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