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Why Blockchain Works for Data Integrity

Even in today’s technologically-advanced age, the ability for a human to forge, copy, delete, or modify a company’s data is omnipresent. Whether accidentally or maliciously, both hackers and trustworthy employees can destroy the integrity and trustworthiness of your data history, making it difficult to make business decisions, let alone stay compliant with government standards and […]

by Pete Anewalt • March 8, 2018
Thought Leadership

What is Cross-Merkelization and Why is it Important?

Blockchain technology is a perfect fit for creating digital ledgers because it can create an immutable history of data.  When leveraged correctly, as with ULedger, blockchain offers a secure, private, and tamper-proof record of data at a single point in time. Existing blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum create a globally and transparently shared database […]

by Taulant Ramabaja • February 23, 2018
Thought Leadership

The Future of Blockchain

ULedger and the Future of Blockchain Technology: In our previous blog posts we have outlined the past and present of blockchain technologies, what niche they fill, and what their up and downsides are. In this post we will focus on the future of the blockchain ecosystem technology stack. Blockchain tech will spawn several new technology […]

by Taulant Ramabaja • February 14, 2018
Thought Leadership

Evolution of Blockchain Uses

Over the last few years, we’ve seen blockchain go from a new idea or concept, to being seriously investigated as a useful tool to solve business problems, to now, being implemented within technical environments. Nearly every industry and sector is now looking at blockchain to solve or augment a variety of use cases. So, with […]

by Pete Anewalt • February 9, 2018
Thought Leadership

What in the World is Blockchain?

With all this talk about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the variety of controversies, bubbles and forward-facing news in this space, the question still stands. What does all of this mean? And what in the world is blockchain? So, we are starting at the beginning. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be releasing […]

by Pete Anewalt • February 7, 2018