Many enterprises are considering, planning, or developing the applications to deploy Blockchain within their existing technology infrastructure.  A new study from Juniper Research has found that nearly 6 in 10 (57%) large corporations are either actively considering, or are in the process of deploying blockchain technology.  Moreover, a recent Deloitte study found that: 1) 74% of organizations see a “compelling business case” for the use of Blockchain, 2) 34% indicated that their company already has some type of Blockchain system in production and, 3) 41% are expected to deploy a blockchain application within the next 12 months.

Clearly, large enterprises have the resources to research, develop proofs-of-concept and deploy Blockchain applications.  Smaller enterprise, however, may not have the resources to be as aggressive. And, quite common with the lack of resources comes insufficient understanding and the equivalent confusion regarding the requisite steps to deploy a Blockchain application.

Consider the commonly perceived obstacles:

  • Integration will be costly
  • Integration will be disruptive
  • Integration will be complicated
  • Integration will be time-consuming

How does ULedger solve for each of these?  


Contrasting other enterprise solutions that typically charge for professional services, fixed monthly charges for each Blockchain and node, our Blockchain solution is competitively priced. And, efficiencies by virtue of our API will produce savings in terms of valuable enterprise resources: time, money, on-going maintenance, and eliminating IT disruptions.  


There will be no required changes to your current systems, flows or processes.  Our API sits on top of your existing technology infrastructure eliminating the need for an expensive technology infrastructure overhaul or changes.   


ULedger’s API overlay is designed to eliminate the complications and intricacies regarding a Blockchain deployment.  Again, the design of our API removes the need to alter or to replace any of your current systems.


ULedger’s API overlay is designed for a fast and seamless integration to an existing data management environment.  Our customers typically experience integrations that are completed in a brief period of time (i.e., days or weeks).  And, customers who have discovered our solution after evaluating other alternatives remark that our API Blockchain integration exceeded their expectations as it relates to the time and resources required for deployment.    

ULedger is designed to be minimally invasive to an existing technology infrastructure via RESTful API standards allowing for ease of integration to existing data management environments.   Through this process, each database underpinned by ULedger becomes its own Blockchain. As a result, an entity can have more than one Blockchain. ULedger hashes and timestamps the metadata (description of the data) of all transactions that occur on the database(s) and then the hash, timestamp, and metadata are posted to a public network of ULedger Blockchain nodes.  

Our hybrid approach ensures that the underlying data remains secure and private while benefiting from a distributed and tamper-proof ledger.  This approach also delivers a highly scalable Blockchain solution intended specifically for enterprise data loads and security requirements.