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Enterprise Blockchain Platform.

Bring transparency, proof, and compliance to your data.

What is an Enterprise Blockchain Platform and why do you need it?

ULedger has built a blockchain platform that specifically targets the needs of corporate and government environments.  Blockchain technology provides our customers with a secure, private, tamper-proof, mathematically verifiable record of the content of their data at a point in time.

Reduce Costs

Lower your transaction, compliance and cyber costs,
while relying on fewer intermediaries.

Be Flexible

Use blockchain to certify any file type, any file size, without ever giving access to your underlying data.

Save Time

Automate compliance and stay ahead of the curve,
without changing your existing infrastructure.

Certify Data

Rely on mathematically-certified data across systems and business functions, building an immutable audit trail.

ULedger’s unique Hybrid Blockchain architecture allows data to be verified externally without being shared, creating a provable audit trail combined with the security of a private database.  Customers can easily create and maintain separate blockchain data structures that work together to certify and corroborate each others’ data without sharing its content.

ULedger’s REST-ful API allows for easy and seamless integration of blockchain technology into existing data infrastructures.

ULedger Solutions

What Makes ULedger Unique?

ULedger is the first true blockchain protocol. 

ULedger has achieved immutability without the need for consensus, which makes our solution truly stateless and highly scalable.  We are a hybrid, combining the data security of a private blockchain platform with the immutability of a public blockchain platform.  

ULedger Blockchain as a Service

ULedger’s primary product is a stateless blockchain protocol with an open API that allows our customers to easily incorporate blockchain into their existing data environment.

Our solution offers the following advantages:

  • Privacy: ULedger does not require access to underlying data
  • Security: Data is not shared among network nodes
  • Compatibility: Interoperable with all Ethereum-based blockchain platforms
  • Scalability: Designed for enterprise data volumes
  • Reporting: Dynamic reporting of Blockchain proof
  • Forensics: Data tied to the source, creator and editor
  • Trust: Trust in ULedger not required as proof is mathematical
  • Regulatory: Extends to regulatory uses cases
  • Flexibility: Extends to any data format and file size
  • Stateless Approach: Nodes do not require complete data history of other nodes
  • Easy integration: Via open standards API

Product FAQ

Visit our Product FAQ page for more information on the product and the technology.

ULedger Blockchain API

ULedger White Papers

ULedger: Data Integrity through Blockchain

ULedger has developed a cutting-edge Blockchain solution that enable our clients to create a permanent, independent multi-party record of any type of data.

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ULedger: Our Technical Approach

ULedger’s technical approach to blockchain technology is entirely unique in many ways, including data storage, time-keeping methods, and proof of work.

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ULedger Timeline & Roadmap

ULedger is a proud provider of Blockchain technologies via the Amazon Partner Network. AWS provides the broadest and deepest capabilities and the largest global infrastructure for building end-to-end blockchain platforms, cost efficiently and scale.

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